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I believe an independent webcam babe is someone who manages all aspects of camming, including maintaining their own billing account, on their own.

I posed this question to the models on camgirlshide and this is what they told me:

Any girl who does her shows from her home or her own office, maintains her own website and/or listings on cam sites. Pretty much, anyone who is not a studio employee. - Violet

I'd add something in there about having her own payment processor, as opposed to going through someone elses account - Nicoll

To me its more like a girl that does not work in a studio, regardless whether she works on camsites, she is independent because she works from her home/office (as mentioned above) rather then in a studio. - Krista

Girl who owns her own cam, computer, and location, does cam shows on her own website, handling her own payment, advertising , and maybe web design, or work on cam site like and promote her shows and schedule and maybe joins the webmaster program to promote herself. Basically do not have a middle man takign the money but is self reliant to be knowledgable to do it herself with her site or working directly with a site like imlive. - camgirlminnie

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